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Globalization of economy and recent advances of technology make competition for business become increasingly tight. Every commerce entity is encouraged to always do innovation in order to continue existence in the competition. Concentrating on main business activities to create competitive advantages is a must. Utilization of resources must be aimed at the main business activities that give optimal value of utility for company.

PT Pos Indonesia ( Persero) , a state owned company, which has competency in logistic area formed a business unit of total logistics after studying the importance to the supporting business activities of logistics. Providing for supporting business activities especially logistics, the business unit of total logistics helps the business entity to be able to concentrate on their main activity. The purpose of the business unit of logistics gives integrated solution to services on the problem of logistics that cover warehousing, transporting, and freight forwarding based on supply chain management ( scm) .

Vision and Mission

The service provider of integrated logistics, the most widely spread and the best in Indonesia.

Mission :
• To manage the business totally supported by professional human resources, systems of efficient operation, as well as utilization of accurate and scaleable information technology.
• To develop the business by giving priority to the co-operation link that are win-win solution, both with internal work units or external partners.
• To establish the focused network of business by considering sequential and parallel principles.

Our Commitment

We have committed to delivering the solution of the client’ s logistic problems in the framework of both synergy and togetherness to achieve the success.
Corporate Value

• Trust and honesty
• Respect to people
• Professional achievement

Corporate Strategy

Focusing on strategy to create value to the clients through price reduction, service improvement, faster implementation, and flexibility operation.

Business Process

Information technology based on business process


The strategic management of business unit of total logistics is aimed at an institution that is dedicated and focused with the main orientation on total solution to customers. The organization will be managed as strategic business unit ( sbu) of PT Pos Indonesia ( Persero) that prioritizes principles of professional management.

Our Resources

Our resources are fully resources and comparative advantages owned by PT Pos Indonesia ( Persero) with superiority in focused and dedicated handling. The human resources of business unit of total logistics are the selected people who have taken various training and benchmark on supply chain management, integrated logistics, freight, and warehousing. We have experienced to manage business of Post with competency in distribution channels is also one of our advantages which is credited to give value added. Our production capacities, such as buildings, soils, vehicles are spread over Indonesia. Apart from those, we also have powerful virtual connections and network systems between one node and the other nodes. Currently, our production capacities are unmatched by any other companies.

Network of Services

Our network of services is based on customers. According channels of distribution, our networks cover all Indonesia. The permanent service points are not less than 4.828 and node points of distribution are 39.434. Freight Forwarding will be constructed by a consolidation system with 4 main hubs. The main hubs are located in Batam, Jakarta, Tanjung Priok, Jakarta Sukarno-Hatta, and Denpasar. The consolidation points sited in Medan, Batam, Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Yogya, Solo, Surabaya, Makasar, and Denpasar.

Products/ Services

Providing for custom-built services of logistics totally which can be usually be integrated to the clients, including:

1. Integrated Logistics : is a concept of services of total logistics enabling to handle a type of products from tree to toilet based on the concept of supply chain management. This concept of services integrates three business fields of logistics, those are warehousing, freight forwarding, and transporting.
2. Freight Forwarding: is a concept of services provided for consignee from handling their documents to their goods.
3. Transporting : is a tracking service which is needed by consumers to transfer their consignment, from one place ( fabrication) to distributor centers ( ds) or retailers ( point to point)
4. Warehousing : is a service of distribution center services covering cross docking activities, inventory, product marking and labeling, selected manufacturing activities supported by the system of the appropriate information technology.


Partnership which becomes one pole of our successful key factors will be directed to create value added for customers. The external partnership will be built together with several bona fide providers based on principles of win-win solution. While the internal partnership will be set up based on the principles of bundling services.

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